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27 Dec 2022

What’s new in Hydra Billing – Version 6.1

We are thrilled to share the news that we now have Hydra Billing 6.1. Let’s see what you get with the new version. New time interval specifications We have totally reconsidered time interval specifications. Various time interval settings could now be used both in basic contracts and in individual price specifications! Interval descriptions are now […]

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Hydra 5.0 is out!

As always new Hydra is even faster and more stable than before, and, most importantly, has a handful of new features. Dealers The most important new feature of Hydra 5 is Dealers. A large number of providers are working with partners. Hydra 5 provides you with convenient tools for that. We added a new subject […]

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3x Faster: What We Learned from Speeding Up Hydra Launch in a 300,000-Subscriber Network

During the years working on the Hydra billing system for service providers, we’ve done over 100 launches and were convinced we had optimized everything — but there’s always room for improvement.
Reality has taught us to be faster, more reactive and better at improving. This is what we learned when we had to complete a project for a relatively big customer in record time. Today, we’ll share this insight with you.

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How Customer Experience Induces Management to Launch Process Automation

As an outcome of a project aimed to introduce a business processes automation system, company executives always expect to see a tangible result: satisfied clients who spend more. But this is by no means always the case, and a considerable part of the automation projects eventually fails. Let’s talk about why this happens and how such an unfortunate ending can be prevented.

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